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ISBN 9781906261535 288 с. на английском языке Мягкая обложка Вес: 377 г. Booms and busts have been the lifeblood of Singapore since Sir Thomas Raffles hacked back the jungle in the 19th Century to found a successful trading post of the British Empire. The island would later become an iconic battlefront of WWII and a paragon for Asia’s emerging economies. Like the state’s monuments, Singapore’s beaches and lush backwaters are unusually pristine. Walk the streets of this metamorphosing country and wonder at its fortune. Michelin’s local writers have walked, driven, slept, shopped and eaten through every tour, sight, hotel, restaurant, boutique, and café in this guide. Features Introduces you to the best of the city center by region as well as the North, West and East of the island Every attraction has been assessed using Michelin’s celebrated starrating system, helping you to make those vital decisions Easy-to-use Michelin maps guide you around town, highlight tour routes and identify the very best sights by time-tested star rating In-depth and authoritative history explores the island’s history Features on Singapore today delve into the nature of modern Singapore, national traditions, heritage cultures and cuisines Features on art and culture cover Singapore’s vibrant art scene Over a hundred years in accommodations and restaurant recommendation experience in address books throughout the guide • Major coverage of Chinatown, Sentosa beaches, Southern Islands, Central Catchment Nature Reserve, and much more Planning Your Trip section helps you plot your...